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 WHEY in any form (including WHEY POWDER, WHEY SOLIDS etc.):
   It is omni present in a variety of products, specially
   cakes, cookies, margarine, candy bars, etc. It is not suitible for 
   use unless the product is marked with "COR", "U", "K", or
 ENZYMES (This ingredient is often misunderstood and overlooked):
   The word enzymes does not specify the exact nature and source
   of the ingredient. Products containing enzymes should be
   avoided. Please note that MICROBIAL enzymes are SAFE to use.
   Must be avoided in all cases.
   Avoid all forms of this ingredient except for PLANT/MICROBIAL/
 MONO/DI GLYCERIDES: SAFE to use. (NOTE: There is a misconception
   about this ingredient which relates this ingredient to the
   animal fat whereas the fact of the matter is that this is a 
   chemical substance derived through an irreversible reaction
   from fat).

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